Golf season and weather

The golf season in Estonia

The golf season in Estonia lasts from mid-end April until the end of October. Depending on weather it may be possible to play golf on winter greens from November to March, but when there is snow the clubs are closed.

White nights

In summer, there can be 19 hours of daylight, known locally as the "white nights". The long summer days may offer a lot of fun playing golf from 5 a.m. until the midnight enjoying up to 19 hours of good light.


The weather in Estonia is largely dictated by its closeness to the Baltic sea. Cool breezes from the Baltic sea moderate the climate in spring and summer.
In the summer the skies are blue and temperatures can reach 30° Celcius and the summer average is a very pleasant 16.4°C.
Light rain can fall in spring and autumn so bring an umbrella and waterproof clothes.
In winter the rain turns to snow when the temperature drops below zero - ideal skiing weather, great for sledging and building snowmen – so no golfing in the winter.

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